N°1 - We Rise By Lifting Others

Under the motto “We rise by lifting others” the first event of the Female Artists Club took place in Antwerp in March 2020. 11 artists filled the ancient court house of Borgerhout, Borgerhub, with their artworks: painting, sculpture, collage, photography and mixed media. The programme was complemented with workshops, performances, Sunday brunches and a secret dinner. Unfortunately, Covid-19 put an early stop to the show! Performances by Calya J. (beats and poetry), Jose Yùsen (taiko drums) and Isabella Arboleda (dance), the last one unfortunately cancelled due to Covid-19 regulations. Workshops for children around women artists, since they are rarely talked about in Art History and we should teach early: collage like Hannah, sculp like Louise and paint like Yayoi.

Artists of this edition

Alexia Struye, Catherine Dael, Christine Van Havere, Dominique Barberis, Earnest, Isabella Theys, Kathleen Steegmans, Natalie Pleis, Rachel Agnew, Stéphanie Van Beneden, Véronique Jansseune