mission & vision

The mission of the Female Artists Club is to connect people

through art and art experiences 

in an art world that is bold, diverse, accessible and from the heart. 

What does that actually mean?

I stand for an art world that is innovative, courageous, confident and fearless. One that tells our time and history/herstory, embracing diversity in its most complex and beautiful ways. 

With a name like the Female Artists Club, this means i focus on work by living female artists with diverse cultural backgrounds.

I use my voice and privilege to support this art world by organising exhibitions, festivals, talks, guided tours, studio visits, book reviews, etc. to make art accessible to see, to experience, to understand or to collect. Those art experiences also enable encounters and exchanges between different actors of the art world such as artists, visitors, curators, gallerists and educators.

And just so you know: a club is a group of people having a common purpose. So please: join the club! It is enough to talk about the Female Artists Club, to follow along on social media or to subscribe to the newsletter to be part of the Club: it’s super easy!

Welcome! We’ve been expecting you.